My first MR2 was an 85. I worked hard on it for over two years and fell in love with it. It was easy to work on and fun to drive. I named it Scooter.

In a winter snow storm I tangled with a big red dually pick up on a country road. I was able to drive it home, but he had to be towed. I bought an 87 parts car from a guy in Dayton Ohio and soon had all the accident damage repaired. For the parts car saga click here. I still had some minor body work to do before getting the car painted. I had the paint purchased and had just swapped out the C-50 tranny for C-52 when it caught fire and burned up.

I was happy my girlfriend, who was driving it at the time, was unhurt, but it was like a member of my immediate family had suddenly died. I could not at first comprehend the loss and being with out my Scooter. The old saying is the best cure for the hurt of loosing your old dog is to get a new puppy. I had seen a fantastic 86 for sale in a near by town, so the very next day I bought it. It was a one owner, lady driver, low milage car with a new motor in it. It also had a sun roof, power windows, cruise control and leather seats, all things my 85 lacked. I had a new puppy and a fantastic one at that. I of course named it Scooter also.

The purpose of this site is to share my love of the MK1 MR2 with fellow MR2 owners. I like providing information and parts with those who have the same passion as do I. I will be the first to admit that I enjoy visiting salvage yards, and rescuing quality MR2 parts from the car crusher and then making money doing so. I use this money to modify and maintain Scooter. I remember when the MK1 came out. I lusted after them, but at the time I was married with a kid and a two passenger ride was not practical. I settled at the time for a Honda Prelude. It was a fine car, but in comparison, does not hold a candle to the MR2. Providing quality parts and technical information to those who share my passion for the MR2 is the mission of this web page. Enjoy.

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